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These lands have witnessed countless pivotal moments in American history, and yet the expanse of unfettered wilderness reminds us of the enormous sense of promise that drew people in the first place.

Where else can you stare into the 60-foot-high visages of four American presidents carved out of granite cliffs, and touch the massive bones of dinosaurs and woolly mammoths?

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Oh, give us a vacation where the buffalo roam and the skies are not cloudy all day.

Looking for a destination to match your family’s giant sense of adventure? The wide-open spaces and incredibly diverse landscape is larger than life—a sprawling, spectacular playground of windswept prairies, glacial lakes, muscular black hills, granite mountains, and ancient, otherworldly terrain.

It has a way of happening all around us without us taking the time to stop and absorb what’s really happening.

I like to tell myself I’m getting better at slowing down and stopping to smell the roses more often.