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Using the podium alternately as a drum, table, paper stand, and pedestal, Carlson mounted to the heights of emotion, leading the as-semblage in a mighty chorus of (Continued on page 8) Si' • , school tict five days of registration reached a total of 85 per cent above that for a corresponding period of time last year. Nevertheless, we believe that we have been partially successful, and that our editorial policy of printing "opinions differing from the North Park norm" is fundamentally right.

By May 24, 72 students had reg-istered for morning or evening classes, while last year after five days of registration, only 39 had registered. Tredway; Techniques and Curriculum in the Elementary School, Miss Teigland; Introduction to Music, Mr. There has been some immaturity at North Park this year; there has also been some growing up. Frano Explicates Egg Tempera its Iniletts• iiiman Theodore Frano, of the Art department, presented a discussion and demonstration of his works Thursday, May 19.

Olsson, and the introduction of the heads of vari-ous committees, the time had come for the all-important keynote ad-dress. In 1955 he left New York and be-came Professor of Theology at Har-vard Divinity School, Cambridge, Mass, where he remained until 1958 when he assumed his present directorship. The choir will sing "Prayer to Jesus" by Oldroyd, and "Glory Be to the Father" by Schutz. Olsson and a response from Royce Eckhardt, class president, who will also present the class gift. Sneaking Sheik page 3 Review Thespians Page 6 "Gubba" Paces page 9 Wesleyan Import page 10 Announces 106 Degree Candidates On Monday, June 13, North Park College will graduate its first class of seniors. Nelson cises for the Class of '60 will be held at 10 a.m. There are 29 candidates for the Associate of Arts degree, 107 academy graduates, and 28 semin-ary graduates. Sylvia Westrtes, organist, assisted by Joseph Zeilermeir, baritone, will present a recital June 11 at p.m. The NEWS has attempted to steer through this mass or newness and to point the way ahead.But moms who've already been through this stage say it needn't be cause for stress; the key is to figure out whether your particular child is truly ready to begin dating.Nichole N., a mom of five, spaning from age 6 to 25, believes that it "depends on the maturity of the child." And Angie B. kings, thletic for 10 5, but S and nning good itcher n the eight seven n An-ld of- 5 and anion 3 0 2 0 16 I 10 3 one They atur-gular , and North Park Mock Democrats Convene; Summer School Enrollment Reaches L. Johnson Emerges As Party Choice Record High, States Director R. This is the first time the Award has been received by a North Park student. Zeilermeir will sing numbers by Brahms, will present their graduation recitals the culmination of four year's work, of the requirements for the Bachelor Strauss, Mussorgsky, Griffs, and Horsman. Charles Anderson, baritone, and Russell Skinkle, trumpeter, will pre-sent a joint recital June 12, pen. He is accompanied by Rob-ert Lind PAGE TWO NORTH PARK COLLEGE NEWS THURSDAY, JUNE 2, I Red Wagon Rattle With many a rattle and bang the NEWS—bright, new, red wagon of last fall—has traveled over un-charted roads and is dent:, scratches, and rust spots the worse for it.Vann By Michael Swanson As delegates milled in the aisles trying to find their seats, and cnairmen frantically assembled posters and rounded up votes, the Honorable Thaddeus Lecowicz gav-elled North Park's Mock Demo-cratic Convention to order. Also in the Assembly program was the presentation of a gavel by Robert Blomgren, retiring president of the North Park College Student Association to president-elect Ran-dall Johnson, who responded with a short acceptance speech. Nelson, president of the Evangelical Covenant Church of America, and former president of North Park, will bring the ad-dress entitled, "Equipped for Times of Revision." The college choir, under the direction of Wayne Har-wood Balch, will sing "The Shep-herds Had an Angel" by Besly and "0 Lamb of God" by Kalinnikof. The Records Office announces that there are 108 candidates for the bachelor's degree from the col-lege: 70, Bachelor of Arts; 21. Since the thing operates strictly by loot-power, we can hope for some recuperation by next fall This has been an experimental year for our school, not for the NEWS only, and a very suc-cessful year too.