Dating a club owner

It combines Millionaire Networking (Supercar Circle) and Millionaire Dating (Supercar Dating) on one site ergo .

The site was inspired to inject a sense of fun & adventure into the Millionaire Networking circuit with an emphasis on building real relationships via common interest, as oppose to just how rich someone was.

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Bollywood actor Minissha Lamba has gone ahead and admitted that she is no more single and is dating Mumbai nightclub owner Ryan Tham.

According to a leading daily, the mystery man is Ryan Tham, the owner of the Juhu club named Trilogy.

The more people he recruits to his parties, the more he gets paid, and consequently, the more successful he is overall.

His job greatly affects whether or not potential love interests perceive him as boyfriend material. and I can't say that I'd feel any different if I were in [hesitant love interest’s] shoes, but I do wish that we were given more chances to prove that we're not the slimey, used-car salesmen, two-timers that people make us out to be,” Furthermore, Pruitt says he'd actually prefer to be in a relationship at this point.

Tell us about Supercar Dating as a company and how it is all going since you launched in August 2014?

Apparently, both Minissha's and Ryan's parents too know about the relationship and have no objections to the match.

A friend of the actor was quoted saying, "The two are very serious about each other and could tie the knot soon." To get the latest entertainment news and gossip, follow us on Twitter @Showbiz_IT and Like us on Today For news and videos in Hindi, go to Aaj

Everyone has a favourite Bond supercar and a favourite Bond lady, but what if the beautiful woman was also the owner of a supercar with a passion for exotic cars much like the supermodel Jodie Kidd?

This week The Wealth Scene caught up with the man behind, Sangeeth Segaram – 34 year old rising entrepreneur responsible for the “world’s first wealthy dating and social networking club exclusively for supercar owners and non supercar owners” to gain some insight into the concept of finding love through supercars – with thousands of supercar enthusiasts around the world, could be your one pit-stop for love.