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And for more suggestions on things to erase from your life, don’t miss the 40 Things to Let Go of in Your 40s.

Try not to wear a white t-shirt by itself unless it’s in absolutely pristine condition.

You can look back and cringe at your choices when you’re older, but for now just enjoy the oddities of fashion.It's always difficult to know what's acceptable to wear once you hit middle age, but a survey of 2,000 men has resulted in a definitive list of clothing to give up past 40.Among the most offensive items in the top 20 list are hoodies, beanie hats, Speedos, parkas and flip flops, as well as generally deplorable garments such as novelty ties and oversized suits.By the time guys reach their forties, they have a new level of focus.From your career to your family, there are so many things that require your attention.