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But theories and raw specs don’t matter much in multi-platform-dom, where developers are incentivized to make their creations look identical, extra oomph or no.

But at launch, no doubt about it, you’re enjoying a performance upside, with most of the PS4’s launch games running at native 1080p, whereas some of the same versions for Microsoft’s Xbox One live in 720p-ville.

Well my 12 year old son came up to me a couple of weeks ago and said, " could I please have the new Call Of Duty Black Ops 3" and he told me the rating and all of that.

It's possible to also use a normal Dualshock 4 wireless controller to play Farpoint if you'd prefer, but having used the AIM Controller at E3 last year, we're confident it's the optimum way to play Farpoint.

You can't miss it really, as Sony have been sure to include footage of Farpoint and VR players using the new AIM controller in various Play Station VR marketing trailers."Farpoint transports you to a distant alien world where you’ll need to contend with hostile lifeforms and hazardous environments as you explore your surroundings, piece together what happened and search for a way home." reads a Sony blog post.

The Play Station VR exclusive is the first PS VR title to make use of a dedicated VR Aim Controller, which allows users to aim via the weapon's virtual scope."The controller’s built-in motion sensors and sphere work with the PS Camera to track your movements, offering pin-point accuracy as you take on the planet’s hostile inhabitants," Sony explains."On top of this, built-in rumble features, will deliver immersive real-time feedback every time you squeeze the trigger."Farpoint is an unnerving VR space adventure set on a hostile alien planet.

The multiplayer on the game is hugely toned down in blood and gore, I watched him play the multiplayer once he got the game and I didn't see any blood or gore.

But if you parents are a bit nervous letting your kids play this game you also have the option of turning of blood and gore. Before I started allowing my 14 year old to play M rated games, my first instinct toward these games was 'no'.