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Although sea slugs are slow, soft and stand out in their environment, they have a few tricks that keep them from becoming meals: They have one or more rows of poisonous tentacles along their backs, called cerata, which give them ample protection.

In addition, abortion-inducing drugs promoted the first scientific investigations.Walsh had planned to leave for Atlanta that day, on a trip with her co-workers at the recreation department, but two days earlier, she’d canceled her ticket, which she said was too expensive for her.She skipped work, slept late, went to the nearby Lansing Tavern in the early afternoon, then returned to the tiny home she shared with her bedridden 84-year-old mother Veronica.For example, children born with something that looks like a large clitoris or a small penis that measure-wise is either too large or too small; or babies that don't have testicles or ovaries according to their supposedly assigned sex.I am interested in what happens when newborns are not easily placed into the traditional two gender boxes. How do the medical system, the state administration and the law, deal with these conditions?