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After starring in a slew of ‘90s coming-of-age classics including Casper, Now and Then and Little Giants, the towheaded teen idol ran far away from his cookie-cutter persona. It’s cute.""Unfortunately, we didn’t really stay in touch over the years. "I rebelled against a lot of stuff as a young actor," Sawa tells Us. I’m very shy about stuff like that, so I don’t think I could have ever mustered up the courage to use that as a pickup line. I’m sure if we ran into each other again it would be cool, but I don’t know what he’s doing nowadays. He’s a good guy, though." [Note: Thomas last appeared as a guest star on "I don’t want to think about my daughter after the age of 12, but hopefully she chooses a good celebrity crush — like the Hanson brothers. Naturally, the show included plenty of inside jokes and jabs.The latter show, one of the most popular family programs in the United States, depicted the lives of the Taylor family and ended its 8-season run in 1999, more than 17 years ago."Now that I look back, I think there was a lot of punk in me.” "I haven’t said those words since I shot [1995’s] Casper. Or someone will tweet me the video like I haven’t seen it.Chaucer's influence on James is pervasive: James' fictional frame - the reading a book to overcome sleeplessness and then having a dream which is related to the contents of the book - probably derives from Chaucer's framing of ; his falling in love at first sight with a woman he sees from his prison tower may derive from Chaucer's Knight's Tale; his description of the sudden onset of lovesickness, from Chaucer's is "after the manner of Gower in its prevailing didactic strain and its frequent moralising," and he proceeds to list a few similarities of detail.Some scholars argue that the style of James' poem derives more from Chaucer's followers, especially John Lydgate, than from Gower or even Chaucer himself.

When I think back on the time, I look at it with a wink.

I focus on the good moments I had, not that I was on a lot of magazine covers.", Zachery Ty Bryan, who basically looks like an identical but stretched out version of himself.

JTT, on the other hand, has dyed over his signature golden tresses that lined the lockers of adolescents everywhere.

There really isn't much demand for undersized male actors.

I suppose he continue to try to hang on to what is left of his fleeting fame, like many former child stars, but his days as a big star are over.