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The 45-year-old takes every call and has a friendly chat with each caller.He often gets as many as 100 calls a day, which invariably end with the same question. " It is a question which some people might find offensive, but Michael takes it in his stride.

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Further research is required to fully assess the impact of macronutrient supplementation on the health of people living with HIV/AIDS.Adolescents; HIV/AIDS; PLWAs; Saudi Arabia The first case of HIV/AIDS in KSA was reported in 1984, and even after about three decades of fight against the disease, reports have shown that the actual number of people living with HIV/AIDs (PLWA) in the Kingdom remains high.Emmanuel Ugochukwu Michael's mobile phone never stops ringing.Objective: To assess the stigma and associated factors, towards PLWAs in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.Materials and methodology: Cross-sectional study using a structured self-administered questionnaire was conducted among 713 adolescents (15–20 years).