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It was the first real competitor to Nintendo's handheld domination, where many challengers, such as SNK's Neo Geo Pocket and Nokia's N-Gage, failed.The original PSP model (PSP-1000) was replaced by a slimmer model with design changes (PSP-2000/"Slim & Lite") in 2007.I also still rely on an old favorite PSP Mix Pressor2. About under a year ago I uploaded a hilarious screenshot from Bit Wit featuring the Kraken x62 and a nice smile(link below), here I am, upgraded from a cryorig H7 just minutes ago and decided to try and recreate it.(2) This IRM has been revised throughout to provide clarifications and more in-depth discussions in several areas.Except for the changes and deletions in the original text reflected in the table below, this has been a total re-write: IRM 4.7.4 dated October 1, 2003 is superseded.

psp updating to 6 60-15

The Play Station Portable became the most powerful portable system when launched, just after the Nintendo DS in 2004.

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has released his Stable version of ME Custom Firmware for the latest Official Firmware, 6.60 which was released by Sony days ago. *** and finally, I'LL NOT TAKE ANY RESPONSIBILITY IF YOUR PSP GOT BRICKED Some? If you unsure which, state your PSP model, and firmware(I assume it was 6.39, right?

This is only for fully hackable PSP, 1000 and early 2000, so for those who has 3g and above, use 6.39 LCFW instead. *** PLEASE FOLLOW THE RIGHT TUT BASED ON YOUR PSP MODEL, AND VERSION YOU'RE USING! ) UPDATE: quick fix for both versions, fixed bugs when using GCL and Cw Cheat. PBP to /PSP/GAME/UPDATE folder (create if you don't have one) - Next, copy to EBOOT.