Skyrim quest log not updating

Fancy ramp and cage extension.3.3 - Fix for Slaves of Tamriel alpha 4.3.2 - Code cleaned up, auction place tightened and bidders have become less restless. Floating slavery scenarios fixed.2.81 - Probably didn't add all the other mods, but I gave it a valiant effort. He is my new hero.2.72 - Dirty fix to CD2.61 - Auction moved and cleaned up2.52 - Bug fixes. Gray faces fixed.0.021 - Nothing outward, except the slaves (hopefully) have names. Because i dont trust cages by those other blacksmiths. Also i like the sound of this mod, i shall be watching thine progress on this.The good news is, the cage is still there, now has a working lock, and there are two prisoners in it - clearly, progress!Beta will be focused around magic, shouts, quests, and other features.Release will hopefully be a working mod to go along with an adventure map.You may have to Set Stage forward in that quest to proceed.All remaining quests for that hold are skipped, and you need to return to Solitude to receive the next assignment from Tullius.

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In the Alpha stage, you can expect a majority of the items, weapons, and armors to be added.Follow me on Twitter for the sneakpeeks at the development process of these mods, plus news about my happenings all over Minecraft!Skyrim MC is a new Minecraft Mod for 1.7.10, which adds in a majority of the features in the actual game, into Minecraft.It serves as an "umbrella quest", taking you through a series of individual quests that you receive as it progresses.- Remove the Sex Lab-Amorous and related Amorous Adventures files that you added to your /Skyrim/Data/ folder from the archive.One final complication is that when you complete the quest Dragonslayer during the Main Quest, any hold (other than Eastmarch) that you have previously been tasked with liberating is immediately transferred to Imperial control.